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Enhance Your Home with Elegant and Functional Dual Sheer Shades by Shadeotech

Complete the look of your beautiful home with the addition of Dual Sheer Shades, designed to provide both style and functionality. Our Dual Sheer Shades fabrics consist of a combination of transparent and darkening strips, effectively blocking bright UV rays while offering a touch of sophistication to your windows.

The overlapping layers of the fabric offer versatility in controlling the degree of insulation and room darkening, allowing you to customize the ambiance to your preference. Every component of your shade is fully customizable, from the top cassette options to fabric patterns and collections to the operating mechanism. We offer a Light Filtering Collection, which allows natural light to gently filter in, or a Room Dimming Collection, which restricts the amount of light for a cozier atmosphere often referred to as “room darkening.”



Liven up your windows and make a statement with Dual Sheer Shades. Enjoy the perfect balance of light control and maintaining your view, all while creating an impact with this striking window blind designed for the modern home.

These Shades combine style and functionality, gently filtering and softening daylight while providing the option of privacy when needed. Our fabric collection showcases beautiful metallic finishes, pretty sheer fabrics, natural wood woven effects, and a fashionable selection of muted tones. With a variety of headrail options available, Dual-Sheer Shades seamlessly complement any interior design scheme.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contemporary design with a wide range of stunning fabric options
  • Works in the same way as a classic roller blind, offering ease of use
  • Enhances privacy and reduces glare, creating a comfortable environment

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces with Shadeotech’s Dual Sheer Shades. Experience the perfect blend of style, versatility, and light control. Contact us today to explore our range and transform your windows with Dual-Sheer Shades.


Duo Sheer Shades

Dual Sheer Shades complete your gorgeous home by providing an elegant look. Dual Sheer Shades fabrics consist of transparent and darkening strips to block the bright UV rays. Overlapping two layers of fabric and moving them to each other gives a wide range of possibilities to control the degree of insolation or room darkening.

**Duo Sheer Shades: Versatile Light Control Meets Contemporary Style**

Discover the unique functionality of ShadeoTech’s Duo Sheer Shades, also known as Zebra Shades. These shades are expertly designed with an overlapping fabric and sheer mechanism, allowing for multiple control settings. This innovative feature provides you with the flexibility to adjust the level of UV protection and privacy according to your preferences.

**Innovative Light Filtering and Privacy:** By aligning the alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabrics, the Duo Sheer Shades offer a soft, filtered light effect when open. For more privacy, simply adjust the shades to block out light with the opaque bands, creating a tranquil and elegant atmosphere.

**Stylish Design Options:** Our Duo Sheer Shades are a fusion of fashion and function. Available in an array of prints, patterns, and textures, they are designed to give your space a modern and distinctive feel. Choose from metallic finishes, sheer fabrics, wood-like effects, and a palette of muted tones to complement your interior design.

**Customizable Settings:** The adjustable fabric panel of the Duo Sheer Shades puts you in control of your desired privacy and lighting levels. The looped cord system allows for easy transition between see-through and privacy settings.

**Discreet when Raised:** These shades are designed to disappear into a streamlined aluminum cassette when fully raised, offering a clear view and maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

**Complementary to Any Decor:** With a selection of headrail options, the Duo Sheer Shades are versatile enough to enhance any decor style, adding sophistication to your windows.

**Duo Sheer Shades – Your Solution for Light and Privacy:** Combining innovative light control with elegant design, our Duo Sheer Shades are perfect for those seeking a modern solution to light filtering and privacy needs in their homes.

Min Width 24 in,

Height 36 in.

Max. width is 96″in,

and height 120″ in.

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Helpful Information

Dual Sheer Shades provides an elegant and sophisticated look to any window. Our exclusive ShadeFabrics come in a vast selection of colors with optional fire retardant and dust replant options

Yes, Duo Sheer Shades from ShadeoTech are indeed smart window treatments. They offer a range of smart solutions to enhance the functionality and convenience of your window coverings. Here are some key features of ShadeoTech’s smart Duo Sheer Shades:

1. **Home Automation Integration:** ShadeoTech’s Duo Sheer Shades can be integrated with popular home automation systems such as Control 4. This allows for seamless operation and synchronization with your existing smart home setup.

2. **Motorization Options:** The shades come with various motorization options to suit different needs and preferences:
– **Rechargeable Battery Motor:** For a wireless, convenient setup, making the installation process straightforward and free from the need for electrical wiring.
– **Low Voltage Motor (12-24 V):** Ideal for energy-efficient operation, these motors are suitable for both residential and commercial settings.
– **High Voltage Motor (110 V):** These motors are designed for larger or heavier shades, providing robust performance.

3. **Smart App Control:** ShadeoTech offers a lifetime free app that connects to the shades through a hub. This app allows you to operate your shades remotely, even when you’re not at home. This feature is particularly convenient for managing privacy and light control while away.

4. **Automated Scheduling:** The app also enables you to set timers for the shades to open or close at specific times. This automated scheduling can be used to enhance energy efficiency, privacy, and security, making your home more comfortable and convenient.

These smart features make Duo Sheer Shades a versatile and practical choice for modern homes, offering both aesthetic appeal and advanced functionality. The integration with smart home systems, various motorization options, and the convenience of app control and scheduling provide a comprehensive smart window treatment solution.

**Maintaining the Beauty of Your Duo Sheer Shades: Easy Cleaning Tips**

Keep your ShadeoTech Duo Sheer Shades looking pristine with these simple and effective cleaning methods:

1. **Dusting:** Regularly use a feather duster to gently remove dust from the surface of the shades. This method is quick and effective for routine maintenance.

2. **Vacuuming:** For a deeper clean, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Carefully and lightly run it over the shades to lift away dust and dirt without damaging the fabric.

3. **Using Compressed Air:** To dislodge dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas, a can of clean, compressed air can be very effective. Simply direct the airflow over the shades to blow away any accumulated particles.

4. **Spot-Cleaning for Stains:** If your shades get stained, use a solution of warm water and mild soap for spot-cleaning. Gently dab the stained area without rubbing to avoid damaging the fabric. Remember to avoid harsh cleaning agents and solvents, as they may discolor or degrade the fabric.

– **Important Note:** Be cautious with window cleaning products around your Duo Sheer Shades. Direct contact with such products can lead to discoloration or damage.

5. **Avoiding Harsh Chemicals:** Solvents and abrasive cleaning solutions should not be used on your Duo Sheer Shades, as they can harm the delicate fabric and affect the shade’s appearance and functionality.

By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure that your Duo Sheer Shades remain a beautiful and functional aspect of your home’s interior for years to come.

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