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Our Safety Approach

Safety is a top priority when it comes to our products, especially when our client’s home or establishment have seniors, children and pets.

Child Safe Blinds are always the safest options for any home with children

Child Safe Blinds

Keep your kids safe by anchoring your loop cords to the wall or floor, keep cords out of reach, and always keep cribs away from the windows. Additionally, cordless blinds are always the safest options for any home with children.

Our Safety Approach

Pet Safe

Our four-legged are always curious, so it’s our job to keep them safe from loose, or dangling cords, and hanging fabrics. Always make sure cords are tightly secured to the wall.

Anti Bacterial shades

Anti Bacterial

Make your investment go further, and prolong the life of your window solutions with shades and blinds that are protected with anti-bacterial materials. The anti-bacterial layer prevents germs and microbes from settling in surface crevices. As a result, there is less chance of spreading infections, stains and foul odours.

Window Covering Safety

Simple household items such as corded window coverings can cause serious injuries to children and seniors. Keep your loved ones safe by removing corded window coverings.

Reduce your risk by going cordless

Loose cords that dangle from the side or back of a window treatment is a strangulation risk for children and pets. The safest are cordless options or keep cords inaccessible by tucking them high up. Cordless, motorized window coverings are best to keep your loved ones safe.

• Cordless blinds are the safest options for homes with children or seniors
• For corded treatments, anchor loops and chains to a wall, away from reach
• Never place cribs, beds, and playpens near a window cord within a child’s reach
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings
• Do not place furniture near windows that a child can climb

• Keep pets away from dangling cords and hanging fabrics
• Make sure cords are tightly secured to the wall
• Avoid low hanging furniture
• Use pet deterrents
• Keep cords securely tied

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