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Window Shutters

Full Height

The timeless elegance of shutters combined with their functionality is driving a new wave of global popularity for this classic window covering product. Homeowners are discovering the numerous benefits of living with internal window shutters including unique style and appeal, privacy and light control, versatility, ventilation and increased energy efficiency. Like any investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and home appreciation. At Shadeotech Window Fashions we create our shutters with meticulous control during each step in the manufacturing process. Trouble free design, raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, sanding, finishing and even packaging come together to provide our customers superior quality, durability, and long-term value.

Byfold Shutters, Window Shutters


Byfold Shutters

New finish. New Eclipse! Introducing UltraSatin™ finish, a revolutionary technology for Eclipse® Shutters that successfully achieves the look of a premium painted shutter. Eclipse Shutters with UltraSatin finish bring elegance to any interior with the soft, matte luster of freshly painted wood and will always look as luxurious as the day they were installed.

Shutters, Window Shutters


Bypass Shutters

The shutter range in cafe style is suitable for windows for your town houses and those at ground level. These cover the bottom half of a window in your room and leaves the upper part open. Thus, this grace windows in an informal manner and embellishes a setting with a cultured and cosmopolitan touch.

PVC Shutters


PVC Shutters

The shutter range in cafe style is suitable for windows for your town houses and those at ground level. These cover the bottom half of a window in your room and leaves the upper part open. Thus, this grace windows in an informal manner and embellishes a setting with a cultured and cosmopolitan touch.

Experience the timeless elegance and functionality custom window shades for home


Cafe Style

The shutter range in cafe style is suitable for windows for your town houses and those at ground level. These cover the bottom half of a window in your room and leaves the upper part open. Thus, this grace windows in an informal manner and embellishes a setting with a cultured and cosmopolitan touch.

Vinyl Shutters or blinds

Window Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

Mounted to French doors, Half Round or Box cutout options can accommodate door knobs or handles.

Vinyl shutters are a popular choice for window coverings due to their durability, affordability, and low maintenance requirements.

Special Shapes Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Special Shapes

Your window may have a usual shape but even then, it requires top-of-the-range treatment. Our collection proffers you numerous shapes, such as, circular, semi-circular, raked, triangular, arched, sash, octagonal, hexagonal and likewise shapes to suit your special windows. We can materialize your any unusual window needs.

Helpful Information About Shutters

Window shutters are a type of window covering that consist of solid panels or slats that are hinged and can be opened or closed to control light and privacy. They are typically installed on the interior side of windows, although there are also exterior shutters available.

Window shutters are known for their timeless appeal and provide a classic and elegant look to any home. They are available in various materials such as wood, vinyl, or composite, each offering different benefits and aesthetic options.

The slats or louvers of window shutters can be adjusted to allow varying degrees of light to enter the room. When fully opened, they provide an unobstructed view and allow maximum natural light. When closed, they provide privacy and block out unwanted light.

Shutters also offer insulation properties, helping to regulate the temperature inside the room. They can provide a barrier against heat in the summer and help retain warmth during colder months, contributing to energy efficiency.

Window shutters come in different styles, including plantation shutters, which have wider louvers and are popular for their versatility and classic look. There are also traditional shutters with narrower slats and solid-panel shutters that offer a more traditional and formal appearance.

Whether you choose interior or exterior shutters, they add a touch of sophistication, enhance curb appeal, and offer practical benefits such as light control, privacy, and insulation. With a range of materials, styles, and finishes available, window shutters can be customized to complement any home’s decor and architectural style.

Window shutters can be made from various materials, each offering different benefits in terms of durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements. The most common materials used for shutters include:

  1. Wood: Wood shutters are a classic and popular choice. They offer a timeless and elegant look and can be crafted from different types of wood such as basswood, pine, cedar, or hardwoods like oak or mahogany. Wood shutters can be stained or painted to match the desired aesthetic. They provide excellent insulation and can be customized to fit various window sizes and shapes. However, wood shutters may require more maintenance, such as periodic refinishing or sealing, to protect them from moisture and sunlight.

  2. Vinyl: Vinyl shutters, also known as PVC or synthetic shutters, are made from a durable, moisture-resistant, and low-maintenance material. They are highly resistant to fading, cracking, and warping, making them ideal for areas with high humidity or extreme weather conditions. Vinyl shutters are available in various colors and styles and are a cost-effective alternative to wood shutters. They are also easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

  3. Composite: Composite shutters are made from a combination of materials, typically a mixture of wood fibers and synthetic components like PVC or fiberglass. This results in a shutter that combines the look of real wood with the durability and low maintenance of synthetic materials. Composite shutters are resistant to moisture, termites, and UV rays, making them suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  4. Aluminum: Aluminum shutters are primarily used for exterior applications. They offer durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for areas with high exposure to the elements. Aluminum shutters are often used for security, storm protection, and as hurricane shutters. They can be powder-coated in various colors to match the desired aesthetic.

It’s important to consider factors such as the desired style, maintenance requirements, durability, and budget when choosing the material for your shutters. Consulting with a professional or manufacturer can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Cleaning window shutters is a relatively straightforward process. Here are some general steps to clean both interior and exterior shutters:

    1. Dusting: Start by dusting the shutters to remove any loose dirt or debris. You can use a microfiber cloth, feather duster, or a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust from the slats or panels. Ensure you clean both the front and back surfaces.

    2. Spot Cleaning: For any stubborn stains or dirt buildup, you can spot clean the affected areas. Prepare a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water and gently scrub the stained areas. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that can damage the finish of the shutters.

    3. Rinsing: After spot cleaning, rinse the shutters with clean water to remove any soapy residue. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away the soap, making sure not to saturate the shutters with excess water.

    4. Drying: Once the shutters have been rinsed, use a clean, dry cloth or towel to gently dry them. Make sure to dry all surfaces thoroughly to prevent water spots or damage.

    Additional Tips:

    • If your shutters have small crevices or hard-to-reach areas, you can use a soft brush or a toothbrush to clean those areas.
    • For exterior shutters, you may need to use a gentle hose spray instead of dipping them in water for rinsing.
    • If your shutters have a painted or stained finish, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to avoid damaging the finish.
    • Regular dusting and spot cleaning can help prevent the need for more extensive cleaning in the future.

    It’s worth noting that the specific cleaning method for your shutters may vary depending on the material, finish, and manufacturer’s recommendations. Always refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best cleaning practices for your specific type of shutters.

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